Niples-"Fun in the sub"

Seymour, Jay, Efof, Eve and Tara
Russian infiltrated sub
Miami dock
<1980's Saturday morning going live snip>
"Well then theres only one explanation..." Eve said
"This sub has been hijacked by the USSR!"
"Anyone speak russian?" Seymour asked.
Everyone shook thier heads.
"This is gonna be tougher than I thought" Jay said. "Smegski...."
<end 1980's Saturday morning going live snip>
Whilst the others debated what to do about preserving the timeline,
Efof wandered off into another room on the sub. It appeared to be a
control room with lots of televisions.
Efof quietly changed the channel to something more interesting and
sat cross legged on a swivvely chair. The program on was called "big-
bertha" and seemed to be about a large machine with eyes that made
toys. Efof was confused, was this machine alive? And it was being
forced to excrete objects of entertainment for human children?
Things like this really made him wonder about the human race.
Suddenly two officers walked in behind him, from their angle Efofs
extra arms were hidden. With a thick American accent he said: "Hey
man, the radars picking up British TV programs again? Hehe, crazy
Brits, I saw this show on the other day about a guy called Timmy
mallet hitting kids over the head with a big spongy hammer… crazy
brits… hey, is the A-team on?"
Efof realised that he shouldn't reach up to change the channel
because his extra arms would be shown.
"No, put Alf on!" said one of two more guys walking in from another
door. The accent was slightly more Russian. "Alf is funny guy, he
has big nose like American…erm…like WE Americans!"
"A-Team is so much better!" said the yank, getting on his proverbial
high horse.
"Ahh maybe you want to be cool like Mr-T. Foo!" said the more
Russian guy.
The yank stepped closer, his friend tried to pull him back but it
was too late. He punched the Alf fan. "I'm no foo… erm I mean Fool!"
The man Efof suspected was Russian pulled out a gun. Efof watched in
amazement and curiosity as if he was watching a movie. He even
reached for the American chocolate bar on the side, but after a bite
realised that American chocolate was disgusting.
"listen comrade!" spat the Russian. "Ve vere going to wait until
later, but now is a good a time as any- we are taking ower this
nuclear wessel!"
The American pulled out a gun too, but was shot and went down. The
second yank shot the original Russian as the second got out his gun.
The Russian was punched in the face, then the American was pushed
backwards, in the scuffle Efofs hat was knocked off his head
revealing his… bits.
Both the Russian and the American looked at each other in shock and
confusion, and almost gagged and immediately thought it better not
to look straight at it. Then just shot each other.
Seymour and Jay ran in. "what was all the noise?" jay was ready with
the machine gun he picked up, and Seymour was ready with fisticuffs.
"Oh dear God Efof, cover yourself up!" jay and Seymour tried to look
everywhere else but Efofs head. Tara and eve just giggled like
schoolgirls until Efof pulled the hat back over his head.
"They're all dead" said Tara.
"thanks for the expert medical opinion" Jay said sarcastically.
"Did you interfere at all?" Seymour asked. "we don't want to have
changed history at all"
"erm..well…I changed the TV program…." Said Efof. Charlie chalk was
now starting.
"Nooooooo" Seymour dramatically fell to his knees. "We have killed
all of the hijackers! We may have changed history as we know it!"
"Chill!" Said Jay looking on his WAP phone. "according to this
online history book this sub was supposed to be taken over by
Russians, and sail to England where it was sunk by depth charges
from the Ark Royal off the coast of Bournemouth. So all we need to
do is sail to England, bail with the nuclear particles we have to
collect and then watch Saturday morning TV in England for a while
until we get picked up. Jobsagoodun!"
<I want to carry on, but its 4:10am and I need sleep!>

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