Who:- Rio, Kai, Alota, Dean and Canazza 
Where:- Medi-deck
When:- Smeg only knows...
He went to go back, until he saw Rio racing down the corridor,  her bullet wound quiet clear. "Stop!" Kai said, standing in her way. "What the hell just happened  to you?" The silver-haired teenager asked, making sure his eyes were  covered by it.
"Would ya believe I got hungry?!" Rio said
"Thats a bullet wound." Kai responded,
"Yeh I think it had something to do with me getting shot in 1940's France in the shuttlebay"
Kai yanked the bullet out making Lomaz scream in agony. "YEOUCH! never heard of anastethic?"                                
"Didn't they release a single in the mid 90's?"      
"Do you even know what you're doing?"                
"I may have done at one point...but I sobered up"  Kai 'reassured' the wounded pilot,
"Great..I get help from the medi-bay's Dean Thomas..."             
"Look guys" came the aforementioned pilot's voice from round the corner, "I'm a navigator, I bet that the medibay is right here."
Dean stopped
"Well done." said Alota, "not bad considering I asked you to get me to the uniform depositry.
She rounded the corner, clutching the remnants of her nun costume.
Canazza fell over the stopped Alota and tumbled to the floor, just in front of Kai. "Ohh, umm.. er... sorry viacr." said the surgeon, confused.
"Well" said Rio "Speak of the devil..and something worse turns up, Hi dean" Rio said, stifling a laugh as she noticed the lack of a crotch in his choir boy's gown, "Cold Day Deano?" she asked
 "No, just the usual vicar, I mean weather." said Dean, hurriedly covering it. "Hey, you're a surgeon." said Alota, "You know where Keto's ointment supply is, or, more importantly, where is catalogue is?"
"Ointments?" said Kai confused.
"Never mind." said Dean, hurrying inside, "Kai, you take the filing cabinet, Canazza take his desk, Rio, if you can search through every paper on this table. Alota and I shall co-ordinate....or..." he added, seeing Alota's gaze, "I'll work too."
"Wait" said Kai "Last time I was in the medi-bay it was full of dinosaurs!...or did I imagine that?" he asked looking at Rio "Dunno" she replied "But I'm starting to wish I was imagining you!Watch where you poke that thing!" she said as Thomas jabbed her in the arm with a medical instrument, which turned out to be a bottle opener.
"ok!" said Canazaza, triumphantly holding up a bottle. "Number 45a" "What's it do?" said Alota, realising that she was now clutching nothing to her? "I have no idea." "Give it a try said Dean, the 3 moved together and canazaa sprayed teh contents of the vial over them.
"And pray." said Dean.
 "Hey look" Lomaz said "Dean your gown stopped dissolving..but ARE standing"
"Whats wrong with that?" Dean said holding a salute "We ARE in the presence of the captain"   
"I mean the kind of attention that you DONT want Jay find out about in Alota's presence" 
"Oh, hello Jay!" said Canazza brightly, towards the comm screen which was displaying Jay's rather shocked visage. "Ointment" said Dean simply, pointing to the vial in Canazza's hand....

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