What th...?

Who?: Too many to mention...
Where?: Medi-bay
When?: mid 1980's
<and, like, snip!>
"Hey look" Lomaz said "Dean your gown stopped dissolving..but
uh..you ARE standing to..um..attention.."
"Whats wrong with that?" Dean said holding a salute "We ARE in the
presence of the captain"
"I mean the kind of attention that you DONT want Jay find out about
in Alota's presence"
"Oh, hello Jay!" said Canazza brightly, towards the comm screen which
was displaying Jay's rather shocked visage. "Ointment" said Dean
simply, pointing to the vial in Canazza's hand....
<umm, unsnip man!>
This really was it, Jay was at the point of killing somebody. He was
in a nuclear sub full of Russians which was destined to explode in
three hours, he had to get the damned thing to Engand, he'd been
dragged around miami's shopping distict and now he had to contend
with this, his wife half naked in a room half-full of half-naked men
ad quite frankly evrything as getting too wierd even for him...
"Ok, I'm gonna be understanding about this, now WHAT THE BLOODY SMEG
>>>five minutes of confused dailogue<<<
"So, you're telling me that there are hairy, fibre-eating space
weevils, 2nd world war soldiers and dynosuars on the ship?"
"Yeah." repied Alota.
"Unless I'm totally blind." Kai added.
"And you expect me to believe this?"
"Stranger things have happened in space." Dean smiled endearingly.
It was at this point that Keith edged from behind the filing cainet
he was using for cover.
Jay was practically bubbling.
"Why Mr. Wiralls, sonice to see you again, but my you look pale?"
"Like, yo sir." Keith ripped off his 'oh shit, the management's here'
"And what is your excuse?"
"I came to the medi-bay to, like, find out why there's a layer of
rock uder my skin sir."
Right, back to the reason I called you people...
<tag Andy!>

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