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"And what is your excuse?""I came to the medi-bay to, like, find out why there's a layer of rock uder my skin sir.""Right, back to the reason I called you people..."
Jay turned away from the screen, "EFOF!" he yelled, over his shoulder "STOP STARING!"
" I wasn't!"
"Oh yeh? Then why did your hat just fly off?"
He turned back to the screen of his video-phone "Alota, we've found the nuclear matter" he said holding up the containment device that Eve had used to extract the particles from the reactor. "But we need a pick up from the south coast of England...this sub's going to be sunk within 20 minutes" 
"I'll get one on the way to you sweetie" she said 
"Honey..." Jay said sweetly
"Please...PLEASE put some clothes on...and Wirrals" he said glaring at Keith "If your eyes stray near my wife...lets just say I know a midget who's looking for a roommate.."
Keith shuddered, and quickly tied a blindfold around his head, matter of fact so did Dean, Kai and Canazza, even Rio, mini-phil kinda had that effect on people.
"Chrysler out, see you later honey." Alota cut off the comm  
A loud clanging noise was heard that echoed through the entire sub, the russians were heard to get very agitated.
"What was that?" asked Tara.
"Dunno." said Jay "It sounded almost like something dockign with us...but..thats impossible.."
Gunfire was heard and Russian soldiers fell in through the door to the engineering section, Jay, Seymour and Eve loaded thier weapons and aimed at the doorway, they heard footsteps coming closer,. "EEEEEEE!!!"
Seymour and Eve lowered their guns as Mini-Phil entered the room, Jay just kept on aiming.
"Somone order a pizza?" Phil said as he stepped through the door, "Hurry up we've got a starbug docked with the sub, and the ruski's don't seem very happy to have us here.."
The gang of dwarfers legged it to the hatch and clambered up into the starbug, Jay kicking the pilot out of his seat and taking over.
"I can't disengage!" he said "They're trying to force the hatch open.."
"SO?!" Phil said "Disengage!"
"What and flood the bug with water..I got a better idea..."
Jay fired up the retros, and the bug bgan to take off, the whole shuttle was creaking under the pressure caused from the sub still being attached, but the starbug was lifting it, clean out of the water, a handful of the hijackers made thier way into the bug, but were fought off by the crew, "Were out of the water", Jay said "But they've busted the hatch, we can't drop the sub unless we blow the airlock"
"But then we cant get space-borne!" Phil shouted.
"We cant stay air-borne with that thing hanging there! I'm blowing it" Jay tapped a command code into the control panel and the starbug;s ventral hatch was littered with a series of small explosions, and the airlock, together with the sub and the russians were blasted clear of the shuttle, and fell back into the water.
"So what now?" asked Eve
"Simple," Jay said "We land, and for the pick up ALota's sending! lot worry too much!"

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Who?: Too many to mention...Where?: Medi-bayWhen?: mid 1980's<and, like, snip!>"Hey look" Lomaz said "Dean your gown stopped dissolving..but ARE standing""Whats wrong with that?" Dean said holding a salute "We ARE in the presence of the captain"   "I mean the kind of attention that you DONT want Jay find out about in Alota's presence"  "Oh, hello Jay!" said Canazza brightly, towards the comm screen which was displaying Jay's rather shocked visage. "Ointment" said Dean simply, pointing to the vial in Canazza's hand....<umm, unsnip man!>This really was it, Jay was at the point of killing somebody. He was in a nuclear sub full of Russians which was destined to explode in three hours, he had to get the damned thing to Engand, he'd been dragged around miami's shopping distict and now he had to contend with this, his wife half naked in a room half-full of half-naked men ad quite frankly evrything as getting too wierd even for him..."Ok, I'm gonna be understanding about this, now WHAT THE BLOODY SMEG IS GOING ON UP THERE???">>>five minutes of confused dailogue<<<"So, you're telling me that there are hairy, fibre-eating space weevils, 2nd world war soldiers and dynosuars on the ship?""Yeah." repied Alota."Unless I'm totally blind." Kai added."And you expect me to believe this?""Stranger things have happened in space." Dean smiled endearingly."Barely..."It was at this point that Keith edged from behind the filing cainet he was using for cover.Jay was practically bubbling."Why Mr. Wiralls, sonice to see you again, but my you look pale?""Like, yo sir." Keith ripped off his 'oh shit, the management's here' salute."And what is your excuse?""I came to the medi-bay to, like, find out why there's a layer of rock uder my skin sir."Right, back to the reason I called you people...<tag Andy!>JMC's  best....brightest....the most number one resource in all things Blue Dwarf related,Take the Blue Dwarf Quiz now!To unsubscribe from this group, send an email to:JMC_Blue_Dwarf-unsubscribe@egroups.comYour use of Yahoo! Groups is subject to the Yahoo! Terms of Service.

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