this gun rocks!!!

ooc: ok, i'm back from my hols.... OMG THE HEAT!!!! anyway...
last time we saw Jack, he was nearing a village, in a very cold place (ooc:
damn i wish i was there) The bloke that gave Jack the drink stood there
watching, as he downed the lot, his thoughts at that moment were (translated
from russian) 'he isn't russian....' as Jack fell straight on his back, out
like a rock, or other inanimate object (insert whichever your personality
thinks best...) anyway, the snow started to thicken, the winds howled, and a
snowstorm began, not the average storm, as it lasted several days, the
russian and Jack sat in a cave, The gun on the russians lap, his hand on the
trigger. Meanwhile inside jacks head, all of them were slowly regaining
consciousness, the scientist last, as he is a real lightweight... but as
soon as they were all up, they got into a conference, (you don't want to
know what it was about, really, but the main points were 'waking up' and
'getting more of that booze') as soon as the meeting was over, Jack woke up,
laying there, he knew the gun was near, and being held by another (cerebral
implants) person. Jack looked up, well, actually, as he was laying down, it
was along the ground... but he saw the russian stand up, point the gun at
him, Jack knew he was about to pull the trigger (cerebral implants again) so
his quick thinking conference of personalities raised Jacks arm to face
level, and spoke the words 'reverse polarity' into the watch on that arm,
the guns barrel twisted as it fired, meaning the laser blast was directed at
the users head (gotta hurt) Jack stood up, said 'return polarity' into the
watch, and the gun was reunited with its owner. Jack looked out into the
storm, thought for a second. He was about to walk out into it, when his
eyes lit up, he turned, and took a flask of booze from the russian, placed
it in his gun, and pushed a button.
The gun enlarged itself, turned into a sheild of some kind, and enveloped
Jack. He stepped out into the storm, and began to walk. jacks inteleligent
gun had now picked up the basics of russian, it could just about understand
the word 'Stop' and Jack only just knew that because someone shouted a word,
and the gun blurted it out, Jack span to see who said it, but a blast hit
the shield, the gun started to fizzle, and Jack shook with the power of the
beer powered gun (with russian vodka in it) A flash could be seen from miles
around, and when it disappeared, a pair of smoldering boots were the only
thing that could be seen by the russians. The leader removed a walkie
talkie from his jacket, and spoke into it
(translation begin) The intruder has been vapourised (end translation)...
Could this be the end of Usually Stable Jack? Or is he somewhere nearby with
very cold feet? find out next time on the JMC Blue Dwarf!!
<tag>!!!!!!! ooc: no i'm not dead.... imagine that you have no idea whether
i am or not, it'll add to the effect!!!
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