Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

Who: Kyla
When: Shortly after she passed out on Keith's floor.
Where: See above.
OOC: I just thought I'd pick Kyla back up before I go off and have
my exams...
Kyla thought her blanket toga was rather fetching, so she left it
on. Of course, she had no choice, since she had no other clothing.
After downing some brandy, kindly supplied by Keith, she wandered
out of his room and decided to try and find her own room. By now
some of her other memories had returned, she was sure she had her
own room somewhere.
It turned out to be not too far from Parrot's Bar, which made sense,
since she had vague memories of working at the bar. In fact... she
winced as she recalled being shouted at that first night to stop
drinking and get back to work. Keith had laughed at the time.
Wherever he was, she felt like telling him the story to see if he'd
laugh again. Well, mainly she just wanted to find someone she knew,
or indeed someone she didn't know. She was lonely.
Finding her room alleviated the loneliness, at least for a little
while. All the familiar things were there, albeit mostly in a small
suitcase that sat, half-open and drooling clothing, on the table.
There was a poster up on the wall of Kyle McLachlan, looking very
serious in a suit and tie. Her little blue portable stereo sat on
the table too, trailing extension leads. Kyla pressed Play and
started humming along with the Shania Twain tune that came out.
Home was where the heart was.
Her headache was coming back slightly, and Kyla frowned. She
remembered... something. She dug through her clothing, absently
sorting the pieces she took out of the case into piles, and
went, "Aha!", unearthing a bottle. It was a nice bottle. Good
bottle. Half-full bottle of After Dinner Mint liqueur. She drank
some. It had survived her absence better than she had.
Home was also where the alcohol was.
OOC: After Dinner Mint liqueur: haven't actually tried it (yet) but
I spent all day today staring at the alcohol section of our
supermarket, trying to decide what to buy when I finish my exams,
and saw some interesting things.

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