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<After Dinner Mint liqueur: haven't actually tried it (yet)>
I've tried it.....URGH...'shudder'
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> Who: Kyla
> When: Shortly after she passed out on Keith's floor.
> Where: See above.
> OOC: I just thought I'd pick Kyla back up before I go off and have
> my exams...
> ---
> Kyla thought her blanket toga was rather fetching, so she left it
> on. Of course, she had no choice, since she had no other clothing.
> After downing some brandy, kindly supplied by Keith, she wandered
> out of his room and decided to try and find her own room. By now
> some of her other memories had returned, she was sure she had her
> own room somewhere.
> It turned out to be not too far from Parrot's Bar, which made
> since she had vague memories of working at the bar. In fact... she
> winced as she recalled being shouted at that first night to stop
> drinking and get back to work. Keith had laughed at the time.
> Wherever he was, she felt like telling him the story to see if
> laugh again. Well, mainly she just wanted to find someone she
> or indeed someone she didn't know. She was lonely.
> Finding her room alleviated the loneliness, at least for a little
> while. All the familiar things were there, albeit mostly in a
> suitcase that sat, half-open and drooling clothing, on the table.
> There was a poster up on the wall of Kyle McLachlan, looking very
> serious in a suit and tie. Her little blue portable stereo sat on
> the table too, trailing extension leads. Kyla pressed Play and
> started humming along with the Shania Twain tune that came out.
> Home was where the heart was.
> Her headache was coming back slightly, and Kyla frowned. She
> remembered... something. She dug through her clothing, absently
> sorting the pieces she took out of the case into piles, and
> went, "Aha!", unearthing a bottle. It was a nice bottle. Good
> bottle. Half-full bottle of After Dinner Mint liqueur. She drank
> some. It had survived her absence better than she had.
> Home was also where the alcohol was.
> ---
> OOC: After Dinner Mint liqueur: haven't actually tried it (yet)
> I spent all day today staring at the alcohol section of our
> supermarket, trying to decide what to buy when I finish my exams,
> and saw some interesting things.

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