The TwilghtZone

"Bad midget, bad midget!" Said Jay picking up Timmy Mallet's pink spongy Mallet and beating MP over the head with it.
*eek eeek bonk* (aka crap sound effect
"I found the control booth" shouted Phil over the PA system..
"Where?" replied Nipples scrapping some brown gunk of onto a seat.
Phil counted under his breath....
"It's here...where all the big shiney buttons are..."
Efof ran up the steps to the booth.
"ooooh shiney buttons...."
"Stop it...we need to transmit to the BD..I'll need to make some mods to this equipment...when I that big red button there..."
Phil called into the PA system..."Ambasador...stand by for transmission....I think we might be able to send a vid message as well.."
"Who's operating the camera..."
All looked up to the big screen which was showing a close up of Alota's bossom...
"Well I think we can answer THAT one right right away, " she said rolling up her sleeves and moving to go "off-camera"...
Phil finished his mod's just as Jay stuck a bag over MP's head and sent him to sleep. Grabbing the camera, Jay pointed it at Niples(NO not Alota's) and gave him the signal..
"Jay why are you sticking your finger up at me...?" enquired the ambassador.
Alota leaned in and wispered why.
"Ah...right you are.."
Efof pressed the big red button..

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