ow, my head hurts...

after the short intermission of keats blurting blancmange until Jack
got into the right personality (scientist) they both sighed, and
keats could only think of one thing to say.
"don't talk, just open that door" knowing that the scientistically
inclined Jack couldn't say a whole sentence without doing a porky
pig and stuttering... leading to no one knowing what he was trying
to say... Jack span round, took the hip flask that he stole earlier
from the russian, poured some of it into the gun, he crossed his
fingers... something that a scientist needs to do to become really
great... nothing they do is allowed to be through being intelligent,
and those of you that read discworld (tony) will be thinking about
the wizards in the unseen university right now... and back to the
The gun whurred slightly, jack had just about enough time to take
out some parts of it before it fizzled and melted slightly. A tear
slid down his face as he discarded the gun that it took all of his
personalities 8 years to build. He tossed one of them up to keats,
who instantly holstered it. The other was placed up against the
wall, which started pulsating. Jack turned and ran, Keats
followed. A few seconds later, an explosion could be heard, Jack
and Keats ran back round to see a gaping hole around the door...
"wow" said keats "i never thought anyone could be stupid enough to
leave just the door armour plated..." they both walked past the door
into what could only be described as world war two bunker coridoor...
"blancmange" said Keats in a way that he knew would get result.
"lock and load" said the now calm, collect, and very nasty looking
security... guy. Jack picked up the remains of the gun, and pushed
a button, (this is where the multiple personalities being the only
ones who know about secret compartments are very handy) the door
slid open revealing a very nice, sleek, shiny gun, a mix of a 19th
century revolver, a smart gun from the 'alien trilogy' and a bug
mounted cannon. Jack laughed...
what does this new weapon do? will it be enough to save our two....
heroes? or will it backfire like the main gun and cause them to
teleport into deep space where they will surely die?! and is this a
russian base? or is it just a tunnel created by people in America,
trying to find a way to get to Asia without the use of a plane or
boat? Find the answers to all of this, next time on the JMC Blue
<tag> ooc-well, those questions are pretty obvious....

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