Progress, my friend, is everything...

(mini clip)
Jack Laughued...
(end of very mini clip, a clippette even...)
Jacks laugheter came to a sudden halt as he noticed first a fuzzy
hat, closelyfollowed by a pair of eyes, then an 'antique' weapon. He
shouted something in russian, salvaged parts of The Gun
translated, 'Who are you?' Keats jumped down to meet Jack, and saw
the man 'Stop or il shoot!' Keats stood motionless, Jack looked at
the man, then at his weapon, mutterd something to himself, then
extracted the same approach a tourist would have when faced with a
difficult person in a foreign country 'EX-CUSE M-E, WO-OULD YOU HAP-
russian looked baffled. Keats shook his head 'Jack, this mans a
russian, he isnt going to suddenly learn a completely new language
jus because your speaking loudly'.. JAck looked at the floor, the he
replied 'Of course not, just wait... The Gun spurted into life... The
russian looked at JAck, then to John, then to The Gun, then to his
gun, then to Jack, and fainted. Keats and Jack looked at each other,
then they headed onwards, carefully walking around the russian. The
bunker they were in wasnt much more than a short tunnel and a large
control room, filled with a few science tytpes who fled when they
enterd. 'Right then, you reckon theres a coms unit in here?' They
looked around, to one side was a person with a large set of
headphones on and some odd equiptment infront of him 'Quaint' mutterd
Jack, 'What a primitive communications set... i must take a closer
look' Keats rolled his eyes, pulled out his shotgun (he didnt dare
use the weapon Jack gave to him, who knows WHAT would happen) and
poked the person in the chair with the nozel, he turned round, eyes
wide open and screamed 'BLIAD!!' before rolling his seat to the side
and seriously legging it. 'Well then, that was effective, now then...
Jack... WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!!' Keats yelled 'just making a
few minor adjustments... hmmm, how odd, i built something very much
like this when i was at Uni.. ahh, there we go.. that should increase
power and effectivness of the transmission, it will compensate for
the storm outside... so then.. care to try it out' Keasts smiled..

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