and all the girlies say i'm pretty fly for a white guy

ooc> i feel like a snipette as well...
care to try it out' Keats smiled..
<end snip>
"first there is one thing i must do" said jack as he pulled the front cover
off and twiddled with a dial, then he replaced it, picked up the mic, and
said 'Attention all Blue Dwarf Crew, if you can hear me, please respond. We
are in a russian base in Siberia, we do not know our exact location, but
will leave this channel open so you can trace it, please respond if you have
heard this" Jack sat down.
"how are you going to keep it open?" quizzed Keats, Jack clicked his finger.
"music, thats how!" Jack said as he ran back to his gun, he took a CD from
it, placed it into the small gun he got from the compartment, plugged it
into the main unit and turned up the volume...
The music Began to blast over the speakers
"Give it to me baby oh ho oh ho, and all the girlies say i'm pretty fly for
a white guy.
Uno does treze quatro sinco sinco sais.
you know its kinda hard, just to get along today, our subject isn't cool but
he fakes it anyway, he may not have a clue yeah, he may not have style, but
everything he lacks well he makes up in denial!!"
"there, that should keep the channel open until they can find us, damn
shoddy worksmanship, the one i made in uni had a switch to keep a channel
open for just such an occasion." he sighed. Just then, banging could be
heard at the door at the other end of the room.
What is this unknown banging? Are our... heroes about to face an entire
russian batallion? Can they survive? Will the Blue Dwarf crew pick them up
in time? find out next time on Dragonball Z, i mean JMC Blue Dwarf...
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