We really should be fixing the ship right now, but since when has t

Who?: Keith, Kyla and everyone in Parrots.
Where?: See above...
When?: Still not sure about that...
Well, they'd tried everything in the medi-bay, but nothing hinted on
why he still had a layer of Quarzoid under his skin. Not that he
So now there was nothing left to do but go to the pub and possibly
show it off.
It wasn't often that Keith had aboslutely no worries at all, so when
these times came along he wasn't to be found not enjoying them. He
whistled as he walked down the corridors and admired everything that
came to his eye, the rust became a delicate red-gold hue plasant to
look at, the skutters where friendly neighbours going about their
business, even a passing rat was afforded some of the small portion f
chicken korma he'd picked up on his way.
Finally he reaced the pub, and was greeted by the aroma of sweet
liquirs and fine tobaccos (spilt drinks and cheap fags).
He wandered over to the bar and attracted Owen's attention.
"Evening Keith, what'll it be first?"
"Oh, just a... no, I'll have something different,like. Whatever's the
special on-ship brew for tonight."
"Right then,today's is 1:35 please." Keith handed over the
money "Thank you."
He was waiting for his drink, leanng on the bar and watching a small
group of drunks making fools of themselves to the sound of "Make
luv", possibly the most popular early 21'st century classic on ship,
when he heard a familiar voice from across the room...
"Oy! Wirrals, ya momma-killer! over here!"
He collected his drink, then raced off to join his friends on the far
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