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Ladies and ladies hello!  This post is currently completely and totally OOC, so if you want to bin it just bin away.................... hey i didn't mean it litteraly, at least read the post!  how rude ;)
Anyway this post is to mainly announce the Simmer of the month and the minor opportunity for me to ramble continuously until someone tells me to shut up. 
Ok so according to my knowledge Canazza is on Holiday so i can not unfortunately talk to him to discuss the Simmer of the month, but however i think, well i hope, he would agree with me on this little decision.
For their great posting, and the fact that we have seen a lot of it quite recently (i understand the fact that there are other obligations) which is unusual I would like to congratulate the winner
Seymour Nipples
I shall now do my rendition of congratulations by cliff richard.......er maybe not..
Anywho well done monsieur nipples,

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