thersh shumshing in those pipesh....

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Who: Zac, Ty and some seriously trippin wevils.
Where: deep within the entrails of the dwarf
When: Attach to my last post involving weevils, too drunk to remember
Zac squinted through the booze induced haze and the natural gloom of the
cargo deck, was that a viable target, or was it another ammusing shaped
They had found their way more by luck than judgement to the cargo hold food
deck via the armoury. Zac had chosen urban cams, kevlar helmate, an SsLaG
(Sub sonic laser amplicator gun - basically a funky version of an uzi) a
bazoukoid and a blowlamp and hairspray (he'd reasoned he could lure the
afrobearing weevils with it.). Ty had gone to town, full urban dpm, pads on
knees + elbows, body armour, helmate, NVG's, thermal imaging unit, two SAWs
(Big ass machineguns) two bazoukoids, white phos and frag grenades and a
crate of whisky.
"Ty? Howz you get all ofh shat schtuff?" Zac knew they couldn't have carried
the crate all this way and had drunk almost half of it.
"Well when you've been in the sh*t you know people." He hadn't drunk any of
the whisky reasoning it was "Against regulations to drink on duty"
"Balls smeghead"
*Blam, BLAM BLAM dakkadakkadakka* weapopn fire ripped across the hold "hehe
Ty I think i really got one this time!" zac ambled across bumping into the
stacks of irradiated potatoes "Bollux, ish another potato again!"
There was a thump from an airvent above them and Ty spun shouting "flanking
assault! Head them of at the pass!" poured half a belt into the vents
bringing it crashing down onto the floor, two very disgruntled, shaken
figures cralled out.....
"Uh, what the smeg are you guys doing in there?"
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