Who:- Niples, Jay, Alota, Phil, MP, Efof, U.S> Jack and Keats.
Where:- Shuttlebay
The door was finally open and the crew stumbled out , finally back on BD...But something was wrong.
The landing bay was all rusted and dirty like it had not been cleaned in about 300 years....
<End snip>
"Jay honey.." Alota said as she looked around the shuttlebay, she leant on a rusted support post, which broke clean in two as she put any weight on it. "How..pray you manage to spend so much of the ships budget when you clearly do NO MAINTENENCE TO THE FLIGHT DECK?!"
"Wasn't like this when I left it!" Jay protested. "You yourself time was a ll screwed on the ship!..OH DEAR GOD NO!!!!"
"What?" Phil asked as Jay suddenly bolted away from the group.
Jay ran to the opposite end of the immense shuttlebay and was seen to fall to his knees in front of the Phoenix. Phil looked at the group, shrugged, and walked over to Jay, who was sobbing into his hands.
"Whats the hells the matter with you Chrysler?"
"Look.." said Jay gesturing at the Phoenix. It was rusted, looking like it had been submerged in water for a century,  as though it had recieved no maintenence...since...well..ever, the rubber valves on the exhaust manifold had disintegrated, the paintwork was chipped and scratched beond recognition, and the windscreen was shattered, although admittedly Jay didnt know that this was due to Tara breaking her fall with it.
" didn't look this bad BEFORE i restored her!, my baby is....whats happened to her?!!"
"Easy man!" Phil said "Jsut a ship dude!"
"JUST A SHIP?! JUST A SMEGGING SHIP?!" Jay said getting to his feet, Phil wa sctually fearing that Jay was gonna deck him one.
Jay turned, smiling "Of course...Alota comes first..whats a shuttle when I'm married to the most gorgeous, the most intelligent, the..."
"Quit sucking up flyboy"
"...Yes dear..." 
Keat's Jack, Phil, MP, Efof, NIples gathered round and Alot aadressed the group.
"Look guys, this has obviously got something to do with the temporal cannon that Evil Jay used on the ship, some parts are broken into different time zones, this section seems to have been aged"
"Oh my" said Seymour "How very strange......although..."
"Although what?"
"My wine collection should be full of wonderful vintage's now!"
Jay spoke "I reckon we split up..try to work out exactly what kinda shape the ship's in, and if we've actually got any working shuttles...this bay's ships are..well...write off's"
"Rio said the other bay was re-enacting D-day" said Alota.."So apart from the Space Eagle, I'd say no"
"What about Dean's bug?" U.S. Jack asked "He's not aboard he wont have ben affected"
"Deans flying..." Jay said "I get those written off before he even leaves the landing pad.." 
Keats and Efof nodded, many times they'd narrowly avoided a Thomas manoveure into thier own shuttles on departure.
"Ok" said Alota "So we split up, meet up in the conference room in 2 hours,...if..its still the conference room and not the 1966 World Cup or something.."
" least we could see England WIN for once..." Jay muttered. "And what the hell is that?" he asked, pointing at a Weevily-thing scurrying across the floor
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