[JMC_Blue_Dwarf] 'Amassing the troops'

Black Nova
Hidden behind moon of the uncharted planet
1325 hours
Bob (the mercenary, not psycho Bob the computer personality) looked with misery at the troops he had to invade the Blue Dwarf with. Two dozen of those attack robots that were nothing more then an floating orb with arms and two dozen thugs evolution had clearly left behind.
All together the thugs had the combined ID of a glass of water. Most of them were just milling around, picking their noses or headbutting each other. Each one had HR tattooed to their foreheads which stood for 'Hire Goon' and Bob wished he had never fallen for that 'get a dozen goons and get another dozen free' sale down at Thugs'R'Us because frankly most of the time they were a waste of resource. Because of the damn fine print he didn't read he was now stuck with the dolts, he just couldn't return them and now the only way to get rid of them was to kill them off. There was one that was really an idiot, who happened to look more like a orang-utan then most orang-utans do, he was certainly hairy enough. Personally he wouldn't trust the hired goons with a stick let alone a gun in fear that they would beat themselves to death.
"OH!" Bob shouted.
Twenty-four thugs looked up at the mercenary and some commented. "Ya, boss."
"Listen hear you dolts!" Bob shouted at the thugs. "At 1400 hoursÂ…"
"When?" Some of the thugs asked.
"Two o' clock!" Bob snapped. "We are going to board the Blue DwarfÂ…"
One of the thugs lifted his arm.
"WHAT?!" Bob snapped.
"What's da Blue Dwarf?" The thug asked.
Bob leaned on the rail in front of him, put his hand over his face and groaned. At least psycho Bob was doing his job and the Blue Dwarf should be in no condition to stand against them when they invade the mining ship, well should be if he was to be trusted. Having based psycho Bob on himself he found it very hard to trust. It had its' own aims and goals that didn't coincide with his own.
Well Bob, he throught to himself, no one said that being a mercenary was the easiest of job.
Join the JMC like your brother, Bob's mother had told him. Ha, from what he heard his brother went mad during his first assignment. Which really wasn't surprising as the family had a history of insanity, for one reason or another every member of his family went mad. Mother and sister shaved their head bold and joined that cult, father made it to a four star general, well, most four star generals were mad anyway, and then changed his name to 'Wakaka Look who has a Big One'. Quite frighten to think about if he wasn't already demented.
Bob looked at the hired goons again, they were most likely as demented as he was but he had one thing over them, he had brains and he knew how to use them.
Aye, what a life. He throught to himself.

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