[JMC_Blue_Dwarf] 'Jailbreak'

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Blue Dwarf
Level 13 Cell 01
1132 hours
Harris kicked at the force field that trapped him with that snot of
engineering chief Lt. Smeeg in the cell that he had claimed as his
"Jill!" Harris snarled.
"Sorry, Darren." Jill said as she appeared on screen. "Force field
controls have been locked out!"
"Where from?" Harris demanded and then he shouted at
Smegg. "Shouldn't you be doing something?!"
Lt. Smegg began to work harder on the force field controls.
"From the holo core." Jill answered. "I am detecting a holographic
signal and that area of the ship has been rendered uninhabitable."
"GARRISON!" Harris snarled between gritted teeth, scaring the hell
out of Smegg.
"Jill, go and do something useful." Harris ordered and Jill
disappeared. He activated the Com and shouted. "Lloyd!"
"Yes, Gov." Returned over the Com.
"Get your butt down to floor 13 Cell 01 and bring some of that
plastic explosives that you think I don't know about!" Harris
"Gov?" Lloyd asked sounding confused.
"I have been locked in one of the cells and I get out!" Harris
"About time someone did." Lloyd commented.
1132 hours
The two officers watched as Lloyd planted blobs of plastic explosives
around the doorway and stuck in a detonator in each blob.
"Lloyd, can you do this any quicker!" Harris snarled.
The short, fair haired security officer looked up at Harris and
grinned. "You hate not being in control, don't you Gov."
"How does peeling spuds for the next three months sound?!" Harris
"I suggest you find some cover." Lloyd told the two officers.
Harris removed the mattresses from both bunks and lent them against
the table, thankful that is was screwed down and sat with his back to
the mattresses.
Smegg was about to take cover in the shower when Harris grabbed and
pulled him down behind the mattresses.
"Anytime your ready, Lloyd!" Harris said.
The two officers heard Lloyds' footsteps as she moved away to a safe
distance and then she detonated the explosives. Harris and Smegg
felt the force of the blast through the mattresses and had their ears
assaulted by the noise.
When it was over Harris and Smegg looked over the top of the table to
see where was once a doorway there was now a large smoking hole.
Lloyd reappeared and took in her handiwork.
Harris got from behind the table and made his way out of the cell,
grabbing Lloyd's collar and dragging her with him on his way to the
Drive room.

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