Back On Track

Who: Keto, Rufus, Amber
Where: Medibay Office
When: When do you think?
"You stay here," said Keto to Rufus, "Not that you've got much of a
choice while you're hooked up to your sister like that."
"Where are you going?" asked Rufus as Keto headed for the door.
"Well, bearing in mind that the ship was just recently being fired
upon by My Chrysler controlled by an alien parasite, I thought I
might go and have a look and see if we have any casualties, if that's
alright by you?" asked Keto, bitingly.
"But...what about Amber?"
"You just lie still and wait until Wildflower or the Tree returns,"
said Keto, "I'll lock the door, so only myself or other medibay staff
will be able to get in."
"My dad's got security clearance!" pointed out Rufus.
"So, in fact, does most of the ship. I was just saying it to calm
you down," sighed Keto, "Now lie back. Nobody exactly cares enough
to break into my office. Wait here, one of us will be back soon."
With that, he left.
-- Ten minutes later --
Keto poked his head into the gym complex and wrinkled his nose
slightly. It was incredibly musty - evidently not used much by any
member of the crew, not that this was surprising.
"Any wounded in here?" he called out. When there was no response,
he sighed and turned to head off to scout around the rest of the ship.
"Well, at least it appears not too many people were injured," he
mused, "Which keeps my medibay clean."
Smiling to himself, he headed off.
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