OOC-Longwood Awards 2003

OOC- Longwoods Awards!!!!!
The orchestra blares a introductory tune then dies down to audience
applause, the camera focuses on a very snazzy looking stage with
video backdrop showing a fantastic plethora of visual images. A very
well dressed man takes the centre pedestal.
Welcome everyone to the Longwood Awards 2003!!!
There was much fierce competition with voting this year but I'm
happy to say that all the winners did deserve their awards, even
though as you'll notice one name in particular seems to pop up a
lot, and this will certainly go to his head!!! (although in 3
categories u were only 1 vote ahead of me Jay! :-P )
Here are the results
--Best Command Officer--
Alotta Chrysler
--Best Medical/Psychiatric Officer--
Dr Keto
--Best Security Officer--
Phil Febuggure
--Best Pilot--
Jay Chrysler
--Best Civilian--
Ambassador Seymour Niples
--Best Science officer--
Tim Grogan
--Best Engineer--
Dave Canazza
--Best Male Character--
Jay Chrysler
--Best Female Character--
Alotta Chrysler
--Best NPC--
Efof Yuwan'Kar
--Best Couple--
Alotta+Jay Chrysler
--Best Newcomer--
Jack…Just Jack
--Most Popular Character--
Jay Chrysler
--Most Annoying Character--
The Gun(TM)
--Best Alter-Ego--
The Evil Emperors Keto+Cerebrum
--Best *Action* Plot--
Keto + Cerebrum's Evil Alternate Empire
**Best Sub-Plot**
Ambers addiction
--Most Entertaining Writer--
Andy Longman/Jay Chrysler
--Best All-Round Poster--
Andy Longman/Jay Chrysler
--Best Space Craft--
The Phoenix
--Best Quote--
Keto stood up smiling.
"Aha," he said coldly, "NOW who has the upper hand?"
"Oh bugger. We forgot you were down there."
(posted by Keto)
…So there you go (big round of applause!), commiserations to the
people who didn't win anything, loads of people were nominated for
every category, but there can only be 1 winner!
There has been some excellent writing this year, some great subplots
and posts and I've seen a lot of good teamwork as people have been
working together on joint posts and storylines. Everybody keep
posting good stuff and the best of luck for next year!

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