Cmdr Niples "What do we do? part 2"

Captains office
JMC Blue Dwarf
"What do you suggest we do sir?" asked Niples, not expecting a worthy answer.
The captain turned, his voice sounding more certain than Niples had ever heard it.
"We fight."
This is crazy, thought the commander. We’re onboard a mining ship full of civilians and mining corporation workers. Hardly any of them had ever fought in a battle before and nobody has been trained for this. Except for the security officers of course, but still there wasn’t enough of them to fight off a whole army!
Niples just hoped that ‘Bob’ didn’t have a whole army.
"And what are you going to do while this battle is being fought?" asked Commander Niples to the Captain.
"Me? I’m…uh…. Going to stand in the drive room with a gun and shoot and guys that come up here."
"What about deploying security around the ship? Aren’t you going to organize that? What about telling the fighters to launch and attack and ships which may attack the ship? And securing all docking ports so that no vessels try to board us? That’s what you’re supposed to do, you are the Captain for Gods sake!!!"
The captain smiled like a child. "I’ll leave you to do all of that stuff. You’re so good at it you know!"
Niples started to go red in the face. "Good at it?! I have to do it because YOU DON’T DO IT! You always leave it for me to do!"
Commander Niples stormed out of the captains office onto the Drive–room and started issuing orders to personnel.
"You! Get Major Harris on the phone and tell him to assemble all security forces he’s got and get them distributed around the ship to stop all attackers from getting to any important sections. You, tell all of the attack fighters to launch and take up a defensive position around the ship. Make sure they close all docking bays doors so no other ships can get in. And you! Scan the area or space around the ship, I want to know where Bob’s ship is hiding. OK people…" he clapped his hands. "This is the big one, we’re being attacked by hostile forces and we need to get ready. Lets give these bastards a good Blue Dwarf welcome!"
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