Inside it smells of Tarmasolata!

Emma dissappeared among the supplies ooking for a screwdriver.''AAAAGGGHHH a rat!!!'' Emma squeked in furey unable to speak, and with a srewdriver in her mouth . She nodded towards the opening above.''What?'' asked Seymour in wonder.''Oh for smeg's sake!'' and Dean grabbed Emma and threw her through the hole. The hatch opened, the others got a crate to stand on and climbed in.<END SNIP>
Then Kara, followed by Onion, Dean and finally Emma, dropped back out onto the crate again.
"Well, fun as it was creeping into a little hole that went no where and then back out again, might I suggest we get ourselves actaully out of here?" said Seymour, the exasperation quite plain in his voice.
"Sounds like a plan to me." said Dean,
"Sorry, I misread that one." admitted Emma.
"Hey guys." said Kara, bending over the keys of the dead fishy guard, "Why don't we just use the door?"
"Let's give it a try then, open it up." said Emma, and Kara complied
Dean stepped out into the corridor. "Smeg!" he yelled, ducking back in and slamming the door behind him.
"What?" asked the others, simultaneously thinking "GUARDS!"
"The entire place stinks of tarmasolata!" Dean said, gasping for air.
"The fishy devils!" yelled Seymour.
"They obviously breathe tarmasolata as opposed to air..." started Emma, "No, sorry, that's just silly."
Kara nodded.
"So what now?" asked Seymour.
"Good question." said Dean, and they sat down to think.
Dean "Tarmasolata" Thomas

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