Little Massacre

“Dante, You don’t know how pleased I am to see you buddy.” Said a rather
relieved Charlie. Dante stretched of his arms and then with out word
released Charlie from his restraints. Charlie picked up his lid and placed
back on top of his exposed head. Dante marched back out of the cell and spun
back round. There sticking in one of the guards was a 3ft long sword. Dante
bent down put a large foot on the corpse and heaved out the rather large
heavy looking beast of a sword.
<End Clip>
Dante turned some of his aggression onto the table, which, only minutes
earlier, had been host to Charlie’s torture. With a satisfied look on his
face once again, Dante wiped the sweat from his brow. “Dante there seems to
be a lot noise coming from down the corridor, I suggest we go this way.”
Charlie was pointing in the opposite direction, from the noise. “Sure thing,
mate.” Dante walked to the door and turned left, not right, towards the
noise of cheering, and shouting. “Dante, where not at war now, your going
the wrong way, come on lets go.”
“We have to eliminate the human treat. Primary objective: destroy the
central core.”
“Dante wake up, we are not at war with the humans, we haven’t been for
years.” Charlie was holding on to Dante’s arm and pulling in the other
direction in vain. “Hang on. You’re suffering from amnesia how did you
remember that. Unless… DANTE, DANTE wake up. Please.” Dante swung the sword
in the direction of Charlie, who dodges it but nearly lost his lid again. “I
need someone non-human to convince him back into his usual stat. Think…
EFOF.” And with that Charlie speed off with the speed of a thousand
Dante emerged from the damp corridor, he was standing in the side entrance
of a large almost cinema area. On the screen was Phil and Keats in their
drunken stat. The crowd were cheering and pointing some had thrown stuff at
the screen and Dante was sure all hell could break lose any minute. Dante
marched into the centre of the room in front of the crowd and screen,
blocking their view. “Hey, you over grown piece of seaweed, get the hell out
of the way.” Dante froze and tilted his face to see his next victim striding
marching down the steps towards him, with a purposeful look on his face.
“Make Me!” Replied Dante before wiping the sword on his leg and turning to
face the approaching Aeron. The guy walked up to Dante and stood about an
inch in front of him. The Aeron began to rant and rave about all kinds of
stuff into Dante’s face. The guy stood about a foot shorter than Dante but
that did not seem to faze him. The Aeron stopped ranting for a second to
catch his breath. Dante smiled a false smile. The Aeron took a deep breath
and then spat in Dante’s eye. Dante used two of his massive fingers to wipe
the so-called saliva from his eye. Dante shook his fingers towards the floor
to shake of the spit from his fingers. At the speed of light Dante had
thrust his newly found sword deep into the stomach of the Aeron. Just as
quick as it had gone in Dante withdrew the sword swung it over his head and
with nearly no effort at all had removed the guys think box from just under
his chin. The crowd erupted as Dante’s face and hands were coated with the
blood gushing from the Aeron’s neck and abdomen. Dante launched the sword
into the crowd taking out yet another innocent bystander. There was
screaming and shouting as the crowd sprinted in every direction towards the
doors. As the mad rush made it through the doors there were many who were
squished by the rampage of people out the doors.
Dante fell to one knee screaming in pain. He clutched his head with his
giant hands, the pain was unbearable. So much pain why? Why? Why? Dante rose
again from the floor looking shocked. “What the hell happened here. In fact
where the blue blazes am I?” Dante took a moment to look around the room.
The carnage was obvious. Blood stained the steps that Dante now walked up to
the top of the seating are. About half way up Dante saw a small shiny piece
of card on the floor. Dante bent down and picked it out of the bits of Aeron
guts that littered the floor. He turned it over to see a photo of him
thrusting his sword into the Aeron, whose body was now the centrepiece of
the carnage. Dante’s JMC logo could clearly be seen on the left side of his
chest. “OH SMEG!” Dante closed his eyes in exasperation as he said this.
When he opened them he was greeted by the view of Phil And Keats in the
cell, absolutely slaughtered. “Sir, DON’T PAINC MR. FEBUGGURE. I’LL SAVE
YOU” And with that Dante legged it back down the corridor towards the
holding cells.
<Tag Phil and Keats. If you need any help.>
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