Beer Hunter: How small bite sized bits of banana can help you

It wasnt long till Phil was taken to the same room as Keats...
"Yaya...there is is my old drinkingngngnn buddy...Jay...Why do you
like keats?"
<end clip>
Keats spat a long trail of flem turned yellow by the amount of vomit
he spewn up.
'hehee... he-hey Phil.... i dunnot reb... remb.. remember eating
that.. hehe..'
Keats was looking at a lump of pizza far to big to be swallowed,
never the less, it had found a way out!
'Hey... Jay... i just worked summin out...'
'You aint Jay.. your not Jay at all....'
Keats started to uncontrollably laugh, and threw up again.
He could hear a distant chering as he did.
'Those guys sure were nice, givin us allll that free alcohol... and
beer.. bit queer tho, i think that caped guys gay'
'Wha.. womble man?'
Phil nodded his head loosely.
Keats stretched and searched for a cushion, not finding one, he
decided to slip out of his bindings.
'Hey... Keats... get me more of that curry whilst you up'
Keats walked over to a pan that had been left there, probably to
torture them whilst they were there.
'Rice and naaaan?'
'No popadoms?'
Keats shook his head, and commented.
'Lousy service, wa sorrta restaurant is this?'
'Im bored of this place, i want my bed back..'
Phil mused over having his own bed back, although, if Tara saw
him..... no, hed have his bed allllllll to himself...
'Sounds like a plan Keashty, how yous gonna do its?'
'I got these tings... nana-bites.....'
'Yeah, nana-bites, let me talk to Jack, il try for him now...'
Keats made a big show of concentration, swirling his hands around his
head before slapping it into a wall...
'Jack.. Jack, YO FEBUGGRE!! you here me'
'Yeah, i hear you, what you want....' Phil stared at John '...Keats'
Keats cursed himself through drunkeness, rememberd who was in the
room and corrected himself.
'Jack, where are ya man.. im stuck in this place with free food and
drink and i wanna go home.... use the nanas to trace me on The Gun
(TM) or summin'
Phil had started singin a drinkinjg song when Keats had said "home",
he joined in on tired...
<tag, Phil, Jack anyone??>
****All together now****
Show me the way to go home!
Im tired and i want to go to bed!
I had a littel Drink about an hour ago...
And i got a feeling its gone straight to my head!

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