Not Much to say

Dante fell to one knee screaming in pain. He clutched his head with his
giant hands, the pain was unbearable. So much pain why? Why? Why? Dante rose
again from the floor looking shocked. “What the hell happened here. In fact
where the blue blazes am I?” Dante took a moment to look around the room.
The carnage was obvious. Blood stained the steps that Dante now walked up to
the top of the seating are. About half way up Dante saw a small shiny piece
of card on the floor. Dante bent down and picked it out of the bits of Aeron
guts that littered the floor. He turned it over to see a photo of him
thrusting his sword into the Aeron, whose body was now the centrepiece of
the carnage. Dante’s JMC logo could clearly be seen on the left side of his
chest. “OH SMEG!” Dante closed his eyes in exasperation as he said this.
When he opened them he was greeted by the view of Phil And Keats in the
cell, absolutely slaughtered. “Sir, DON’T PAINC MR. FEBUGGURE. I’LL SAVE
YOU” And with that Dante legged it back down the corridor towards the
holding cells.
<End Clip>
Dante was frantically hammering on all the cell doors in every corridor he
could find, Sir, Sir where are you Sir. Dante stopped at the end of yet
another identical corridor. “Smeg!” Dante hit the fall a few times to
release some angry. “AHHHH Smeg That Hurts.” Dante stuck one of his not in
pain fingers in his ear. “Charlie, Charlie buddy come in.”
“What no Charlie this is D1, Come in Over?”
“No I can’t be arsed. I need to get hold of the Ambassador.”
“Well MR. Got To Kill The Humans, push the button in your ear twice and say
God Save the Queen. Then you should be patched through to his mobile phone.”
“What’s one of those?”
“A mobile communication device that can be used anywhere in the known
“Why don’t they just use the Come Bug.”
“Because, dumbass, If a Come Bug was to attach itself to a human penis, sex
would not be that much fun.”
“What they enjoy sex. Weirdo’s.”
“Yea well no time to explain need to find some way of keeping you sane.”
BuZZZZzzzz Charlie obviously cut the line. “What, what you talking about?
Smeg!” Dante double tapped his earpiece. “God Save the Queen.”
<Tag, Seymour, if you can get signal down there.>
P.S Sorry it’s a short one writers block. Oh and this is number 20 for me.
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