Niples "Not a good time to phone!"

<damp submarine snip>
"No we can't. You're too unstable." Emma said. "Wait, hang on.
That's a good
idea. We'll just have to hope she can do this." Seymour said. "See
look. He
says its okay so I'm going!" Kara said. She took the keys and left
hoping to
find away to get rid of the smell and get the others out.
<end snip>
Seymour Kara, Emma + Dean
Eniram Sub
Kara opened the door and ran out into a metal rusting corridor. The
coast was clear and she beckoned for everyone else to follow across
the corridor and hide behind some crates of fish.
Seymour went last and ducked down. The corridor stretched for a long
distance so there was a good chance they could be seen.
They walked a few metres down until they reached a cross section.
The sound of wet flopping fishy footsteps could be heard coming
around the corner.
"Quick hide!" Kara said, turning round and realising everyone
already had. She dived behind a box of what smelled like kippers but
looked like Eniram laundry and pulled a foul smelling sheet over her
Movement next to her made her jump, it was Seymour hiding as
well. "Pwooor! This stuff stinks, and it looks like this is the
CLEAN laundry! I'd hate to have hidden in the dirty ones."
Deans feeble and pained voice came from nearby "I think I found the
dirty ones!" He gagged.
"Wheres Emma?" Seymour enquired. Then a squirrel jumped on his
shoulder. "Ahhh, good grief girl! Did your parents not teach you
decent manners about jumping on people in small mammal form?!"
"Shhh, the guards coming!" Said kara.
"Will you please desist in waving your fluffy tail in my face
madame!" Seymour said angrily.
The guard came round the corner just as Seymour sneezed and Dean in
the dirty laundry dry-wretched. The guards fish-fin like ears
pricked up and he paonted his harpoon gun towards the sheets.
"Shhhh! He's right next to us!" Seymour whispered and scratched his
shoulder. "Have you got fleas Emma?"
The guard watched as the sheets moved, and wondered whether he
should just kill them or take them prisoner.
There was more whispering "Is he still there, should someone look?"
The guard started to scratch his gills.
"Shhhh Quiet!"
Then came the low quality tones of `God save the Queen'.
"Oh bugger!" Said Seymour, standing up like a shot to get the phone
out of his pocket and stop the vibration from tickling his leg.
The Eniram looked at him. His moist fishlike face and cold black
sharklike eyes staring, and his gills moved up and down. He pointed
the harpoon at the Ambassador.
"Ahh… " Seymour said as everyone else peeked out of hiding placed.
Dean dry-wretched again.
"Good Gentleman, I am the Royal Ambassa- eep!" Seymour ducked as a
harpoon shot past his head.
Kara kneed him in the balls and they all legged it.
Seymours phone went to answerphone as he ran. They came to a dead
end in the midsection of the ship, the corridor they ran up had a
deep chasm before them with a huge revolving turbine at the bottom.
Dean ran up and nearly fell off the edge. "Woah, that thing would
have cut me into sushi! ...If I were a fish that was…"
"Sushi time, coming up!" Said Kara with that manic look in her eye,
going back to look for the guard.
She came back with him held above her head and threw him into the
"Does one not feel that was somewhat drastic?" Said Seymour.
But something unexpected happened. The guard flew upwards instead of
down, the fan lifted him to the ceiling where he was impaled on a
stuck out piece of metal.
"Eh.. just as good!" Said the crazy Kara.
There was the sound of flapping fish mouths behind them, around 20
guards blocked their exit.
"It looks like we'd better jump!" Said Kara laughing manically.
"Are you crazy! Look at Mr Shish-Kebab up there!" Seymour pointed.
"No she's right, I bet we could make it to that hatch in the
ceiling….." said Dean.
"I'm surrounded by lunatics!" Seymour said.
They all dragged him off the edge of the platform….
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