Worse than execution.......

"EE?" Mini-Phil was confused, he's just wanted to show them both the
cloud he'd spotted shaped like a pair of breasts
"Whass goin on?" Phil asked "Where are my feet?"
"On the end of your legs mate" Jay said
"WOW! How'd they get there?"
"…magic sweetie…" Tara said, magic explained everything when Phil was
<end clip>
Keats stood up, and tried to balance himself on Jack, failing
miserably and instead finding himself being supported by MPs head.
Keats was thrown off and landed heavily on the floor.
He stood up again, this time finding refuge on Jacks abnormaly large
'Pur... pur.. Purmissshion to speak SAH!' He was looking at Jays
forehead and shoes at the same time.
'Granted' Jay replied, hessitantly, it was normally a bad idea to
allow Keats to do anything with permission,and never whilst drunk.
'Permission to be publically tortured again, SAH!'
'Me.. ME to!'
Jay thought about the stupidity of this question. He then thought of
the methods...
'As you commanding officer MR Keats, i shall go in your stead...
Alotta had slapped Jay hardaround the back of the head.
'Awwww, go on honey... please may i be tortured?'
'Im not even going to COMMENT on how stupid that is!'
The three booze boys shuffled there feet.
Keats piped up..
'Go on maam, itl be fun, you could even join us if yer wanted...'
Keats put his hand on Alotta shoulder and winked.
Alotta looked at her shoulder, back at KEats winking eyes...
'If you dont get off me right now, LIEUTENANT, i shall forcably
remove your intestines and throttle you with them'!
At this point, Keats threw up....
<Tag, THIS should sober up anyone....>

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