No! Kara! Don't Poke it!

 They dropped down into a large room, all of thier eyes became fixed on something with curiosity.''What is that? Asked Emma with wonder.
"It's...wondrous" said Dean, also with wonder.
"...wonderful..." muttered Seymour
Wonder was not something in short supply here in this large room.
"Wonder what happens..." started Kara
"QUICK! GET THE GUN!" yelled Seymour.
Dean threw himself at Kara knocking her to the floor, whilst Emma caught the gun as it flew through the air, having been knocked out of her hands by Dean.
"What? I was going to say "Wonder what happens if we wait?" Honest!" Kara pleaded.
"Oh really?" said Seymour sarcastically. "Not, "Hey, I waonder what happens if we shoot at it."
A blast hit the ship, someone was attacking. Again.
"Buggery." said Emma, falling to the floor. "Looks like we're about to find out what happens when someone shoots."
"Indeed." said Dean.
"But, more importantly." said Seymour, cowering behind Dean. "What actaully is it?"
Kara got up and ran towards it.
"NO!" shouted Emma, Dean and Seymour...
Kara just ran straight up to the thing, and poked it. Nothing happened.
"Well, in that case." said Seymour, comign out from behind Dean, straightening his suit, and pretending he hadn't been scared. "In that case..." another blast rocked the submarine. "MUMMY!" he fell to the floor cowering.
Dean looked at Emma, and they rolled their eyes.
"Honestly. Can you imagine this fool running an empire?" said Dean.
"Actaully." said Emma, putting her head to one side in a faux quizzical manner, "I can."
"So can I." said Dean, and they strode over to Kara and the thing.
"So." said Dean, as they arrived. "What is it?"
Dean "Raven" Thomas
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