Must resist temptation...

Keats and Phil finally finished being dragged to the 'camp' that had
been hastily made. Jack and Jay were busily rolling dice.
Jay, whos IQ was probably abot 4 times that of Jacks was quickly
becoming bored of the game, and glanced up.
Alota sat down calmly and stared straight at Jay.
He glanced down again, quickly regaining interest in the game, JAck
was busy counting his score for the top row.
'uhhh, thats 4... and two twos.... thats... four again yeah? ahhh, i
love this game, so refreshing, get a chance to stretch the old grey
Jay rolled his eyes and kept his gaze away from him wife.
Keats swayed where he sat and rested against Phil, who as snoring
with one thumb in his mouth.
Keats eyes were drawn towards Jacks sword, its edge pulsated a
tempting red, he tore his gaze away.
'so... thats eight... ok, now for the threes... i did well here! got
3 of em, so thats.. what, 8 again? 22 in total!'
'Jack, are you sure your ok... i mean, your counting was a bit better
BEFORE the incident...'
Jack scowled.
'Im EASILY as smart as i was before, i mean, since then ive started
buying stock!'
Keats looked at Jacks swr again, made a spirited atempt at crawling
towards it, Jacks attention was completley taken up by the effort of
'20... add eight... 30... i got 4 fives, so thats.... 50, am i right?
ok nearly there....'
Keats stood up, grasped the sword as calculated.
However, what WASN calculated was the continuation of his stance,
straight forwards through a air vent and tumbling down.
He fell, bumped, banged and bruised his way down many decks.
'64!!! i did it, thats an extra 25 for me then.... ahhh dang...'

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