Wobbly Window??

Jay, using the de-rigidiser’s sniper attachment aimed a shot at one of the
Dwarf’s many windows. The glass rippled as it was hit but stayed in place.
“What was that supposed to do?” Tara asked.
Jay at this point grabbed hold of the cable he had erected from the top of
the tower and leapt off.
“WHAT THE HELL’S HE DOING?! JAAYY!!” Alota yelled, she then caught sight of
her husband swinging from the cable toward the blue dwarf, his feet hit the
window he had shot at, and the glass bent, then split and Jay disappeared
inside the ship, as the glass re-sealed itself.
“Neat!” Jack said, then followed, landing as had Jay by colliding with
Seymour Niples vintage wine rack, smashing another 10 or 12 bottles. Alota,
Tara, and Mini-Phil all followed all landing in the same spot and tumbling
into the wine rack each of them smashing more and more bottles, Jack
attempted to, but missed the window, and a loud crash was heard as he
smashed into the hull. Jack reached through the unstable glass, and dragged
Keats inside.
Phil joined shortly afterward, through the glass landing gracefully on his
feet, and belching loudly.
“Great…he’s pissed out of his head and suddenly he’s as graceful as a house
cat” Tara commented, just as Phil fell flat on his ass.
“Or not”
<End Clip>
Dante stood up and dusted him self off. “What the hell am I doing here?”
Dante scratched his head and looked around looking very puzzled. “Damn I
must have blacked out again, I do hope I didn’t kill anyone… again. Although
killing is fun, if I remember right, mmmm.”
Keats had just jumped speeding down the zip line and collided with the wall
of the BD and by the looks of it someone was having trouble pulling the
drunk in side through a liquefied window. “HEY???” Dante was even more
puzzled now.
Dante went to grab his rifle but grabbed thin air instead. “What the Fudge?”
Dante looked down at his pistols and they were gone as well. “Hey? Right
this is weird. Okay if I had them earlier then, what happened. I…” Dante
looked at his wrist and depressed the stealth button. His rifle and weapons
sort of re-materialised. Dante grinned widely again. Dante bent down and
pushed off hard from the floor. Due to the low gravity Dante managed to get
a good 20 to 30 feet in to the air. Dante then grabbed hold of the side of
BD and pushed of again, rising another 20 foot up. After several jumps Dante
reached the window where Jay and co. had entered the ship. He slid through
“Charlie, this is Delta one, come in Charlie.”
“Hey Dude what’s happening?”
“Charlie this thing in my ear can I call anyone on it.”
“Yea Sure all you have to do is say the name of the person you want to speak
to and hay presto, you have contact.”
“Okay cheers dude, where are you?”
“I am in science at the mo, why do you ask?”
“Well you see everyone seems to be breaking into the ship through a wobbly
window, for some reason, I need you to keep an eye on things from up there.
Is there any way you can stop me blacking out?”
“I’m working on it. In the meantime you might want to try and find Jay and
that lot but try not to black out again.”
“Okay speak to you soon, Dante out. Jay, Jay this is Dante come in please.”
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