still in front of the door

Jack and Jay had just finished their game of yahtzee, Jack had won
due to Jay being too lazy to correct Jacks addition, they lounged
back against the wall, jay turned to him, a look of surprise on his
face, "when did you dye your hair?" he said, looking at Jacks now
light blue mop.
"what? oh yeah, they've got a cool machine here that instantly
changes your genes to create a different hair colour, its cool." he
said, jay was still surprised that he didn't notice it before, he was
usually so good at noticing things, being a pilot and all...
"you should try it" jack began, "i think your hair would look good in
a dark red" he finished, Jay turned quickly to him "never in a
million years, am i going to colour my hair dark red. For one, its
not a natural hair colour, and two, alota would kill me for even
thinking such a thing, 'its a waste of valuable time' she'd say" jay
"good point" jack concluded, the conversation ending there and then.
Just at that point, the drive room door opened an inch, Jay and Jack
scrambled to look in.

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