Why does it allways rain on me? Cos ya under the sprinkler system

OOC : First let me say how much i hate this time of the year and the
greif/lack of free time/12 hour shifts it brings...oh joy indeed
"good point" jack concluded, the conversation ending there and then.
Just at that point, the drive room door opened an inch, Jay and Jack
scrambled to look in.
--- end snip --
Mean while, Phil was trying to exaplin to Tara why he was being
executed..and also trying not to be sick
"Well dear...god I hate when i start to sober up...The bastard tried to nick
this..." He said Waving his Temporal Pad about..
"And whats so special about that?" she asked with crossed arms and a tapping
of the feet that made MP feel horney(well anaything did that, but MP had
been having a weird fantasy latley involving him, Tara and a roll of duct
"Well...Well...It's just easier to show you..." He thrust the pad into
Tara's hand and she started to read..
** 5 mins later **
"Phil!..PHIL! PHILIP...Will you look at me and not at my chest...God you've
been hanging around HIM to long..."
"I'm sorry dear but i find it hard to avert my eyes from something so
beutiful..." he said.
Jay poped his head back round the door.. "Nice one Philip..."
"Look, Holly's been trying to contact you for the last few mins...Go see
what he wants will you..."
"Yes holly?"
"Allright dude...Look, I got some bad news..."
"Well you know the NorWeb Credit Card company Inc?"
"Well it seems that the've cancell your cards..."
"WHAT? Why would they do that?"
"Something about a shopping spree in the 1980's and the purchase of enough
goods, inc a Car to cause a recsion.."
"But I never...brought anything back then...but...show me my balance..."
A numerical figure poped on a nearby screen.
"$£1,000,123,456,789,000 and 45pc"
"As i thought, i got MORE then enough to cover the balance..."
"erm...Your missing something there...there should be a - in front of
that...what with intrest rates etc, it seems you owe almsot 200 years worth
of credit card bills!"
"This is BS..Look at this Tara...Tara?"...Tara had gone somewhere...
The penny finnaly dropped..
* Meanwhile in a distant part of the universe *
His black eyes opened..The forest was burning...Why...why was it ...ah
yes...Cos he just set fire to it..This world was very intresting...
Looking round
"Not before time...."
ooc : For those not around then Phil and co went back to the 1980's where
Jay, Tara and Alota went on a shopping spree that would make Imaldee Marcoss
go "oooh thats a lot of shoes"
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