Ending(or how to fluff up a post)

OOC : PAH again - this is how the end of my last post SHOULD have
been...Silly Chris sent the wrong one...didnt he?
* Meanwhile in a distant part of the universe *
His black eyes opened..The forest was burning...Why...why was it ...ah
yes...Cos he just set fire to it..This world was very intresting...
Looking round he saw some idiotic looking characters amble twaords him.
"Who are you?" they asked.. "You fell from the bright light in the sky...?
Are you okay?"
He looked around...The crashed Hymoneptra cargo craft was slowing starting
to disolve...
"The last thing i remember was bringing the ship in for a low pass, and
starting a fire with this ships cannons...Why i dont know..."
One of the more brave of the mob didnt like the way this guy was standing
naked in a crater with a disolving ship next him and ran towards him, with a
metal stick/crowbar raised high.
Lokking at him, the naked man swiched his eyes to bar...which exploded as
the very atoms within were shaken apart.
It was hard to say who was more shocked, the crowd, of the black eyed naked
The crowd, taking note of what just happened, bowed down before this being
and started to pray..
"Please forgive us oh lord..."
The being smiled.
"Not before time...."
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