Re: Ohhh..... This aint good for the ole\' Grey Matter......

"Jack... that you?!?!"
<end snip>
"i'll leave this to you mate" jack whispered before turning to pick
up his sword.
"what?!?!" he looked at the scrath marks on the wall, and smelled
"thats my sword marks.." he said, looking down the vent.
"ahh, what the hell, could be fun" he said before throwing himself
down head first, not being drunk, and having enhanced reflexes helped
him traverse the pipes, sliding gracefully down them like a
At the bottom he flew straight out "weeeeeeeeeeeee" he was shouting,
before he flew into keats back, and got up laughing.
"woah, hey me!" said jack
"hey, i remember you!" said the real jack
"well duh!!" all the jacks shouted.
"hey, SHUT UP, can't you see i have a hangover" Keats said, getting
up slowly holding his head.
Jack walked over and retrieved his sword, before walking over to one
of the consoles to have a look, when one of the cables jumped up near
a computer screen with a milicious looking Jack on it. The real jack
jumped back and sliced it in half, but it jumped back up and
reattached itself to the main cable, before launching another attack.
Keats sat watching the show, he looked to a nearby screen, with Jack
the Scientist on it, who started talking to John about
Project:Phoenix fire, and how it would be useful to create a 29th
series AI, when they were only on 12th at the moment.
"you see how it m.m.m.makes it posssssible for the computers to
control thththththe cables?" he said, stuttering as he did when in
jacks body, "this would be a brilliant security device" said Jack the
security guard in a very high and mighty voice.
"hey, aren't you in jack now?" keats asked, confused at how the real
Jack was a security guard, and his security guard personality was in
a computer.
"he has no real intelligence in there, all of his training are in
these computers, he only has his memories and phoenix fire training
in there..."
"that explains alot" said keats, before watching as Jack turned his
sword in and rammed it deep into a computer terminal, which threw the
sword back at him and fixed itself. "well, thats enough of that" said
the mailicious looking Jack computer, "i think we can safely say that
Phoenix Fire worked wonders".
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