The Jack that time forgot

Who: John Keats, Just Jack, and All his old personanlities
Where: Project: Phoenix Fire room
When: uhhh
"that explains alot" said keats, before watching as Jack turned his
sword in and rammed it deep into a computer terminal, which threw the
sword back at him and fixed itself. "well, thats enough of that" said
the mailicious looking Jack computer, "i think we can safely say that
Phoenix Fire worked wonders".
<end clip>
'Wonders indeed' proclaimed keats, who kicked a small Monitor that
was looking at his leg like Miny Phil on Aphrodisiacs. It whined..
'So, guys, what have you all been doing down here since JAck, THAT
Jack, was revived...'
'Oh not much, reminising, arguing, breaking into holly and observing
whats gong on around the ship, the usual...'
Jack nodded, as did the other Jack.
Keats had been placing the old personalities and naming them for
'We miss Jacks Waste disposal Persona...'
'Why, what happenmd to it?' Keats asked, he hated that one, it had a
real problem with people... any people...
'It escaped into a weapon as far as we know...'
Keats groaned..
'The Gun(TM)... i shoulda guessed... Can you contact it?'
'At any time we wish...'
'So then, Human Jack, what have you been doing with yourself, you
seem to be doing well for yourself, without us...'
Jack spun around, he was busy looking up the air vent for an escape
'Well, i got me a nice new sword!'
'Hey lets see that mate!' Security Jack said.
'Nice sword eh?'
'A fan then?'
'I like Swords..'
'Welcome to Corneria'
'Sorry, heard that somewhere....'
Security Jack smiled witht his comment, he tried to use some nearby
power leads to grasp the sword. Jack slapped the 'hand' that was amde
out of PCBs.
'Well, as much as wed like to saty and chat, we really have to go now'
Keats proclaimed, whilst looking idly around for an exit.
'Is there a way out of here?'
The original exit was coverd in a pile of sharded metal and wires
topped with the strong smelling green goo.
'Oh, we cant let you leave, not now you know our plans to take over
Blue dwarf via Holly...' said Homemaker Jack.
'What plans, why?'
'You idiot Jack, why did you tell Jack and that idiot our plans?'
Keats looked up
'You mean we havent told them already.. SHIT! ah well, e doesnt look
smart enough to do nought about it' Barman Jack said.#
'Im standing RIGHT HERE!'
'Anyway, we cant let either of you go now, dont worry, its not
<tag, Jack>

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