Jack Vs Jacks

Who: keats and Jack, plus many irate Jack personalities
when: just after keats last post
where: Project: Phoenix Fire Room, Science Level 2, Lab 4b
"oh, i'm sorry, we can't let you go" said science Jack
"we'll see about that" said Keats as he reached down to the power socket and
flicked the switch. One of the screens went blank, and then flicked back to
life, with a brand new cable appearing in the socket. Jack jumped toward
one, and slashed at a screen "hah, erpair yourself from that!" he shouted.
"ok" it said, the crack healing itself super fast.
One of the cables crept toward Jack, followed by many others.
They all jumped toward Jack, while he atempted to keep them away from him.
He slahed and sliced, cutting the cables at the same rate they repaired
themselves, while Keats began to dig away at the rubble blocking the door,
which also repaired itself as he pulled it away.
"we aint getting out this way" he said, giving up and siting next to a
computer screen, as a cable crept up next to him, and flew at him.
<taggers Keats>
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