Welcome to the 2 noobs!
Hope you enjoy your stay on the Blue Dwarf, we're currently parked
up (if thats a correct term for a massive 5 mile long mass of mining
ship) in a huge floating Aeron city with very low gravity whilst a
few of us are under the surface of the ocean below in an alien sub
which last I checked was being attacked.
sorry for not posting for a few days everyone, been a bit busy. And
I wont be able to post tonight either unless i do a quickie.
--- In, "Andy Longman"
<sirlagerlot@n...> wrote:
> In a brief moment of actually having a working, albeit slow
connection ive
> approved two new security officers for Phil to tormentÂ…er..i
mean `train'
> Camryn Barnes and Bruce Blommer, check out their bios on the site.

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