Re: Jack Vs Jacks

> He slashed and sliced, cutting the cables at the same rate they
repaired themselves, while Keats began to dig away at the rubble
blocking the door, which also repaired itself as he pulled it away.
"we aint getting out this way" he said, giving up and siting next to
a computer screen, as a cable crept up next to him, and flew at him.
<End Snip>
Who:Jack,Jack,Jack,Jack,Jack,Jack,Jack,Jack,Jack, and John
Where: Back of Beyond
When: Stardate 3246
"El Presidente!" shouted Jack as he dived in front of the
cable. "What?" "Oh, never mind..."
A computer in the opposite corner than the others spluttered into
life, and began receiving a feed. "Oh god the Hymenoptera!" screamed
Jack. "Or, maybe it's Wildflower" offered Keats, who involuntarily
shuddered: Severn had recently started shaving, and wearing clean
(ish) clothes.
"Guys, would you keep it down in there? I mean, Gene splicing is hard
enough to do without the Loud Bastardville Samba band go-" Wildflower
then noticed the two other people in the room, and froze. ".....Uh,
I'll call back."
<OOC: I'm thinking of changing my character a little bit, just really
desription and stuff, and I might move from medical (but that'll be
ingame). Is that allright?>

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