Me, Myself, And I scream.

“Are you alright Mr. Wendigo?”
“Mmph yea I’m fine, what ships are left that would substain underwater
“Nearly all of them, but you are only licensed to fly the craft you arrived
“See it’s useless you will never catch them in that.”
“What would be the fastest and most manoeuvrable vessel to use under water
“Probable the Phoenix BUT YOUR NOT insured!” Holly began to call after the
now sprinting Dante but gave up. “And I don’t think Jay will be very happy
about that. Speaking off Jay I don’t think he’s finished putting Phoenix
back together.”
<End Clip>
“SMEG!” Dante had just skidded to a halt in the hanger holding the Phoenix.
There was the phoenix, but parts of its hull where it obviously hadn’t been
repaired. “SMEG!!”
“I told you it was futile.”
“Who said that?” Dante was looking round the darkened hanger, half expecting
some Aeron to appear from behind a crate.
“It was I!” Dante leapt forward un-sheathing his rifle while landing doing a
forward roll and turning to face where the voice had come from, behind him.
“Show your self!” Dante demanded.
“I can’t.”
“Who are you?” Dante looked worried, the voice again seemed to be right
behind his head, whispering in his ear.
“What do you mean? I am you. I am your alter ego. Every time you black out I
take control. Your getting stronger Dante I have had to resort to speaking
to you one to one. I was going to kill that stupid Jay but you stopped me.”
Dante noticed that these words where flowing from his lips without his
“What do you mean stronger?” Still looking down at his lips.
“Subconsciously you have been fighting me, since you left our home world
Char. I have the answers Dante. Everything you can’t remember, I can. Who we
are, our past, our enemies. Our Father.” This last remark really hit home to
“My Father? My father was a good man.”
“Don’t kid your self, our father started the war.”
“No, you’re lying.”
“Well yea suppose I am. But who cares. You know you want your memory back.
You know you want to take over this ship. Kill, Kill, KILL, Kill, KILL,
“No, no, no, NO, NO, NO.” Dante fell to his knees clasping his hands over
his ears. But it did not help he could still hear the drumming noise in his
The room fell silent as Dante lay full stretch on the cold hangar floor. His
tongue drooped into a pool of oil. He naturally licked his lips and got a
nice big mouth full of oil. Dante leapt to his feet spiting in every known
direction. He grabbed his tongue and tried to pull off the oily flavour.
“YUCK, yuck, yuck. <Spit> Disgusting. I mean who leaves oil on a hanger
floor where someone is obviously going to lick it up. Jesse.”
“I need to find a doctor and sort my head out. To the SHRINK ZONE, OH DEAR.”
<Tag hologram Cerebrum, If your still there>
P.S. I’m not sure if this was a good idea.
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