The cunning escape plan

the cable lay limp near Keats, a small amount of blood trickling down his
"You ok?" Jack asked, seeinmg ekats wiping blood off his neck, which then
vanished, and the hole closed up again.
"i'm guessing thats a yes" he finished.
He turned back to the screen wilflower appeared on, and turned it on.
"wildflower? wildflower, you there?" he said.
"helloo" she said, appearing on the screen, everyone in the room recoiled at
the view.
"ok, we need your help to get out of here" he said, fending off several live
"oh? how can i help you?" she said, in a doubtful voice.
"yes, we... <slash, hack> need you <slam, crash> to <shouts of power as
computer screens smash> get some of Keto's super ointment and melt away the
door!!" he managed to finish quickly, before the computers fixed and
launched another attack. Keats was busy in the corner, dodging the cables,
doing quite well considering, as Jack fought his way through the computwers
to Keats' side, Thy fought for hours.
<tag, Wildflower, played by me for the week as her Player is away for the
time being :)>
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