To the Aid of Amber and Johnny

The room fell silent as Dante laid full stretch on the cold hangar floor.
His tongue drooped into a pool of oil. He naturally licked his lips and got
a nice big mouth full of oil. Dante leapt to his feet spiting in every known
direction. He grabbed his tongue and tried to pull off the oily flavour.
“YUCK, yuck, yuck. <Spit> Disgusting. I mean who leaves oil on a hanger
floor where someone is obviously going to lick it up. Jesse.”
“I need to find a doctor and sort my head out. To the SHRINK ZONE, OH DEAR.”
<End Clip>
There was a disturbing silence in the psychiatric dept. as Dante patrolled
through the dark room. A damp stench filled his nostrils and Dante was
forced to hold his breath. He reached to the end of his rifle and switched
on the torch that was clipped to the end. “Hello! Dr. Cerebrum? Or whoever
you are. Jesse this place stinks.” Dante’s face was turned up in disgust.
Alter ego. - “Yea well it’s just the same stuff you lived in during the
Alter ego. - “They’re ignoring you again. See no one cares for you. Except
“Yea you care, you care about killing everyone.” Dante was trying to ignore
himself while searching the lab. Dante had a few more arguments with himself
about which direction to go and who should control his left arm before he
left the lab.
Alter ego. - “Look I only want to control your left arm, is that to much to
ask for?”
Alter ego. - “Yes, I aim with that arm I am not having you shooting people.”
Alter ego. - “Go on please.”
Alter ego. - “Go On.”
Alter ego. - “Go on, pretty please.”
Alter ego. - “Please with sugar on top.”
“No.” This argument faded off into the distance. As Dante rounded the first
corner the lights in the shrink house came on again and a warm glow was
being emitted from the lab, a dark figure could be seen in Cerebrum chair.
----A little later in the phoenix hanger----
Alter ego. - “Please!!!”
“I said smegging no. Holly can you try and hail Jay for me get him on the
Intercom thingy.”
“Can do.”
Alter ego. - “Look Dante buddy, you don’t want to go under the water, we
don’t like water… I mean we want to kill them all.”
“So you don’t like being under water hey. Holly just let Jay know that we… I
mean I have, borrowed the Phoenix, okay.”
Alter ego. - “No.” Dante leapt into the Phoenix and started her up. She
kicked in first time. “Nice.” Dante slammed on the accelerator and speed
away with a large bump. “Holly open the doors.”
“I’m sorry mate the ship is on lock down can’t do it.”
Alter ego. – “SMEG”
Dante managed to slam the nibble craft in reverse just in time but still
managed to stylishly slam the side of the phoenix into the door.
Dante turned to the communications station, ‘DOORS OPEN’ read one of the
buttons. Dante pressed it and a screen popped up with ‘ENTER OVERRIDE CODE’
written on it.
At that moment the radio kicked in “Dante what the hell are you doing with
the phoenix, with MY phoenix.”
“Yey someone is taking to me,” Dante gave just a small hint of sarcasm as he
brought the phoenix back round to the launch runway thing, “What is the
override command for the hangar doors?”
“If I knew that I wouldn’t have climbed through a de-rigidised window to get
in to the BD, would I?”
“<Distortion> Dante the override code is 42. <Distortion> Dante did you hear
that. <Distortion> But the computer will only understand b… <distortion>”
“B… What the hell is b? F-O-R-T-Y - T-W-O. Enter.” <ERROR>
“Damn it! 4-2. Enter.” <ERROR>
“Smeg. F-O-R-T-Y-2. Enter.” <ERROR>
“Smeg it!! 4-T-W-O. Enter.” <ERROR>
----10 minutes later----
“Right I have tried every language beginning that starts with b, Belgium,
and that’s about it.”
“Not Belgium you smeg head, BINAY. 101010, 42 in binary dumbass.”
“Charlie You useless piece of junk. Right so its: 42 in binary so
1-0-1-0-1-9-Backspace-1-Backspace-0 got it right at last. Cheers!”
<ACCEPTED>. The doors on the side of the phoenix opened with a nice sliding
noise. “SMEG!” Dante’s head then proceeded to hit the control panel rather
rapidly, “Smeg! That hurt.” After much Smegging and fiddling with the
controls Dante managed to open the main doors but then as he went to close
the phoenix doors the main doors closed as well. Much cursing and Smegging
later and with much button and door fiddling Dante got the phoenix outside.
“Charlie any idea where Amber went under the surface?” Dante said into the
“Yea sensors indicated she went under a proximately 2miles on a bearing of
4621mils from the Dwarf.”
“Cheers dude.”
<Tag Seymour, Amber and anyone who is off need of help from the despair
squid, But remember my mission is to report Ambers goings on to Phil so I
can get Promoted Muhahahaha <Cough, Cough>>
P.S. I apologise to the shrinks if you had wanted to tag to my last one, I
got a bit eager.
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