Who:Amber, Johnny
Where: The Demon
When: After the snip
---- Snip ----Seymour looked back to see if the Eniram was following, and saw
another survivor. The squid had survived too, and swiftly grabbed
the Eniram into its mouth, but not before the Eniram could fire his
harpoon gun, which embedded itself into the squids soft skin.
In pain and scared, the squid let out a high pitched squeal and
excreted a thick cloud of ink, which spread in the water and covered
the swimming dwarfers.
"Is that a big pink elephant?" Said Seymour in a load of bubbles,
"No, but why have you turned into a penguin wearing a ballgown?"
Replied Dean, also hallucinating.
The squid was a despair squid… and its big ass mother was coming…
---- End Snip ----
The demon swerved around the Eniram ship and Johnny fired a rear gatling gun which in turn blew up the Eniram ship. Amber piloted the ship around towards the floating crew members who were about to be eaten by the squid's big moma.
  "Holy Smeg! that things huge!" Amber said out loud looking at the readout on the headset. Johnny casualy fired a misile at the baby squid, it sunk into the squid with a strange underwater squelch, there was a screech of pain and the baby squid went still. "Clever dude... you killed it, now it's mother is gonna be really smegged off." Amber punched a series of commands into her wepons console and flew/swam around towards the crew. A series of wepons fired off at the squid, giving Amber and Johnny enough time to drag the halucinating crew members into and through the airlock.
---- Snip ----“Charlie any idea where Amber went under the surface?” Dante said into the intercom.
“Yea sensors indicated she went under a proximately 2 miles on a bearing of 4621mils from the Dwarf.”
“Cheers dude.”
---- End Snip ----
  "Yo Amber, incoming transmition.... it's from the Phoenix." Johnny said sitting down, whilst Seymour jibbered about pink elephants.
  "I'm gonna die." Amber said callign up the comm display. "Hey Ja..... Wait your not Jay... who are you and what are you doing in the Phoenix? You were gonna try fly that thing underwater? It's a space ship dude, space ships don't float... this baby is an exception to the rules!" Whilst Dante was forming a reply Amber pushed the ship at full speed towards the surface. The ship punctured the surface and automatically shifted back into Flight Mode. <Tag Dante, or anyone else>OOC- Sorry if it's bad... i'm tired...

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