Hi amber its me Dante

"Yo Amber, incoming transmit ion.... it's from the Phoenix." Johnny said
sitting down, whilst Seymour jibbered about pink elephants.
"I'm gonna die." Amber said calling up the comm. display. "Hey Ja... Wait
your not Jay... who are you and what are you doing in the Phoenix? You were
going to try flying that thing underwater? It's a space ship dude, space
ships don't float... this baby is an exception to the rules!" Whilst Dante
was forming a reply Amber pushed the ship at full speed towards the surface.
The ship punctured the surface and automatically shifted back into Flight
<End Clip>
“Holly, I thought you said all vessels on board could go under water?”
“I lied.” Dante turned back to the screen, which now had a rather panicky
looking Seymour stumbling around in the background behind Amber shouting
something about Elephants. “Hi names Dante Wendigo, you should remember me
from the ranges with the awesome rifle, and flash red and black armour. Any
way I had to borrow this. Security stuff, hush, hush. Well you see amber I
wasn’t going to let it float just sink to the bottom.” A wide grin formed on
Dante’s dirty face as he said this. “Need any help over there Amber, The
Ambassador looks like he is having fun. Hey Ambassador sir, just though that
I would let you know that I have managed to kill three or four Aerons since
you left, so I don’t think they like me any more. Diplomacy was never my
strong point… I don’t think.” Dante’s grin had left and was replaced with a
more confused, sort of trying to remember look.
Alter Ego – “Don’t you mean WE killed them.”
“Not now!!”
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