Theres more to Keats than meets the eye....

"That easy."
"That easy. And the fact that there are this nice bronze plates saying
`Throne Room.' That helped a little." Dante turned and looked
down. "Oh
hello, you come here often." As he stepped over the guard.
<end clip>
Keats put to practise the skills he learnt on the mean drug inhabited
streets of Neo-Stroud, in one quick movement that would of caught
Jack whilst in Int-Armour by suprise, he had swooped down, got the
guards wallet, Wedding ring, watch and kicked him firmly in the mummy-
daddy button. The guard squealed in pain.
'Say something Keats?'
'Umm, no no, just coughed slightly, its the air in this place... full
of... yeah..'
'I know what you mean, it smells odd here... anyway, the throne rooms
just through here... i think, anyway whats the plan of action?'
The guard rolled onto his front, and painfully reached for his
'Plan?! why the HELL are you asking me Dante?!'
'Your the superior officer, and in these situations, its the job of
the highest ranking officer to plan out a stratagy'
'Ok, Dante... lets get somwething clear, I have these pips because im
a pilot. I have bugger all knowledge about ground based stratagies.
If we were currently in space, with a large military TORCH ship
infront of us, then i might have a plan, however, we have our feet
squarely on the ground..'
The guard in a fit of un-plebe like ability took a pot shot at Keats.
The shot cracked through the air in a thunderous roar, striking Keats
in the back, throwing him forwards. Keats Int-Armour managed to react
in time to stop the penetration of the slug, however, it didnt stop
the force of the blow from throwing him agaisnt the wall. His head
slamed against the concrete, knocking Keats out cold.
'Keats... YOU BASTARD!'
Dante grabbed The Gun(tm), he heard it charge up an incapacitating
charge in a spirited attempt at taking Dante out. He roared at The Gun
(tm), and although it had a mean temper, it wasnt stupid, and decided
to cooperate.
Dante pulled the trigger, with that time, The Gun(tm) recalled a
spray of flettchettes from its 'Sea of Dirac' and fired them, quite
litterally mulhing the plebe.
'Keats.. dammit... if only id watch the program on emergency medical
proceduresinstead of that tracking one...'
Keats stirred, and stood up, a glaed look in his eyes.
He looked at himself, then at his hands, and laughed.
'Close, but no cigar. Im am... was a persona of Jack. I am the Jack
that consisted of the Brigideer, i enterd Keats a few standard days
ago. I am now in control, Keats' personais ok, but unconcious, i
shall assist you now'
<tag, Dante>
OOC- If you read back a month, i was inhabited whilst in the old
Phoenix fire room. I decided i would have a lil break from the normal

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