Being Summoned

Callum Lay on his bunk, he wasent thinking about much but he wanted to see Aurora again. ordinaraly he'd be playing scrabble with a talkie toaster right now but had dicided that he would forget about that since the only word talkie ever put down was toast. he got up and walked to the intercom pannel.
"Aurora Minako report to parrots bar"
"There was no way Severn is going to get one up on me" Callum thought as he walked towards parrots bar.
Aurora looked up as she heard her name on the intercom. She looked at the air beside her and stared. She then nodded.
"I know, Celestia... But why do they want me?" she wondered, before wandering off to the Parrots bar.
When she got there, she saw Callum sat by the bar. He spotted her and his face lit up.
"Uh, hi... I heard my name on the intercom and came here..?" Aurora began, shrugging slightly. Callum stared at her for several moments.
"Err, yeah. I wanted to check everything was... Okay. Y'know, nothing.. Going wrong at the moment?" Callum asked, struggling to sort out his head. Aurora looked puzzled, then shook her head.
"Oh, erm, sit down," Callum said, gesturing to the seat beside him. Aurora nodded and sat down. She gazed into Callum's eyes with a caring look on her face, then began to adopt her psychiatrist personality...
"You seem troubled, dear. Is that why you wanted me? Is there something you want to discuss?" Aurora said soothingly, taking Callum's hand. He blushed, and shook his head.
"Are you completely sure? No problems at home, no problems with parents, no deep-space loneliness, no girlfriend trouble..." Aurora questioned, looking concerned. Again, Callum shook his head as he squeezed her hand. Aurora looked put out that he didn't need her help.
"So why DID you want me to come here?"
"I... I just wanted to... To... To see you again."
"Oh. Mmkay. Hi."
<tag to Severn, Callum, or anyone else who wants to join in. =D>

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