The Severn pillars of wonder

He blushed, and shook his head.
"Are you completely sure? No problems at home, no problems with
parents, no deep-space loneliness, no girlfriend trouble..." Aurora
questioned, looking concerned. Again, Callum shook his head as he
squeezed her hand. Aurora looked put out that he didn't need her help.
"So why DID you want me to come here?"
"I... I just wanted to... To... To see you again."
"Oh. Mmkay. Hi."
<end clip>
Severn walked into Parrots in a once-flashy suit that he had borowed
from Keats who had, aha, 'Borrowed' from Seymour. It was shreaded in
areas, but was stil more respectable than any of his or Keats stuff.
He didnt dare touch Jacks, turning up in a Skin tight Int-Armour suit
left little to the imagination....
He strode in, cracked his knuckles and stopped.
'So, thats how it is. Damn young smegger... il gut him good..'
He pulled a small Prog-Knife from his back pocket, its edge glowed an
evil red.
'Hallo Severn...'
The sweet voice charmed him, but it came from behind....
Severn span, gasped, dropped the knife. It narrowly avioded his foot
and wedged itself itot he floor.
'uhh.. he.. hello! Horseflower... How are you Petal?'
'Umm.. thats your name...'
'Oh... so it is... so, what brings you here...'
'Umm..i have.. i must brief the new recruit'
He flowed a hand over towards Aurora, who smiled sweetly.
'She looks pretty... oh, thats odd...'
'Whats odd?'
'What, cant you see... oh.. uhh... Callum seems to of taken a shine
to her'
Severns eyes thinned as she said 'Callum'.
His brain was in a flutter as well, He was attracted by Auroras Raw
good looks, but... Petal was attractive in her own special way... it
was... disturbing, especially as she won the 'Most likely to have a
brown bag placed over head' Award last month at Parrotts...
'So, you wanna do it?'
'WHAT?! Here?!'
'Where else, shes just over there..'
'Briefing *Her*, what did you think i meant?!'
'Uhhhh... okay...'
He had crumpled the edge of the paper forms he was holding, they were
also damp from sweat. He strode over, orderd himself a
long 'moonshine' Cider, Petal a Gin and Tonic, Aurora a Vodka
Martini, and 'Accidently' overlooked Callum.
'Ok, Aurora, sorry to have to break up this little talk, but i have
some basic forms for you to fill out so Security teams wont
annihalate you on sight.... well.. so theres *Less* chance of being
shot on sight...'

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