Re: Meeting Seymour

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Dante, Keats(or some random persona guy in Keats body), Ambassador
Seymour Niples
Castle Cack-o-Doom
"Hang about I recognise that pathetic cough… Ambassador get your
royal buttocks out here." Yelled Dante lowering his rifle and
pushing the Gun™ down as well.
The now dust covered Seymour pulled himself through the hole and
dusted himself off. "My third best suit," he mumbled to himself.
<end snip>
"How dare you talk to me so rudely!" Seymour shouted between
couching up dust from Dante's rampage against walls. "And what on
Earth do you think you are doing, I was almost killed! I'm a very
important person you know!"
"Yeah yeah." Said Dante. "What are you doing here anyway?"
"Well, as nobody else seemed to be interested, I wanted to take
advantage of the cultural and historical merits of this trip, so
came and explored the castle, view the architecture, look at the
paintings etc. And naturally for a royal Ambassador…" he really
stressed the word `royal' proudly. "…I found the throne room quite
"But how did you get in?" Asked Keats.
"Yeah we had to… smash a few heads to get this far" said Dante.
"not everything in life is about violence, what if I were to tell
you the Plebes appreciate important public figures like myself?"
"Yeah right. You used your special powers didn't you?!" Said Dante.
"Hmm…" Seymour admitted. "Its surprising how fast a Plebian will run
when one tells them you have a `nasty wind' problem."
Dante looked around. "So did you find anything of interest?"
Keats eyed up things to loot.
"Actually the throne is quite comfortable…" Seymour said sitting
down on the important looking chair. "Although I'm not quite sure
what these buttons are on the chair arm…" He pressed them
A trapdoor in the floor opened up in front of him just where Dante
and eats were stood, they both fell down into the darkness.
"Oh dear" Said Seymour.
A rank smell drifted up from the open trapdoor, the smell of a damp
dirty swamp.
The swamp of Ur'Undies…
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