Mud, Cess and Scorpions

Dante looked around. "So did you find anything of interest?"
Keats eyed up things to loot.
"Actually the throne is quite comfortable…" Seymour said sitting
down on the important looking chair. "Although I'm not quite sure
what these buttons are on the chair arm…" He pressed them
A trapdoor in the floor opened up in front of him just where Dante
and eats were stood, they both fell down into the darkness.
"Oh dear" Said Seymour.
A rank smell drifted up from the open trapdoor, the smell of a damp
dirty swamp.
The swamp of Ur'Undies…
<end clip>
Dante and Keats landed roughly in a squelchy swamp.
'Well thats another fine mess hes got us into, im gonna KILL
Keats/Jack held his hand up to Dante and signalled him to be quiet.
A rusling could be heard nearby.
'Keep quiet, and follow me...'
Keats/Jack griped The Gun and ducked down behind a scrappy bush.
Dante followed, tho with a slightly less impressive slug rifle.
They ducked down and treaded quietly towards the sound.
Voices could be heard.
'You know, im pretty sure He didnt want us to look at the insides of
this thing, its wierd....'
'If He didnt want us to, HE would of said'
'I think He did....'
'How do we get inside anyway... its a different layout to the others'
Dante and Keats/Jack pulled apart the bush gingerly and gazed
through. There was a Giant Scorpion of Quick-Silver there, dirt and
cess from the swamp seemed to leave it alone, giving it a striking
'What IS that thing...' murmerd Keats/Jack
'I fought one with... the REAL Jack, tho, this one looks different,
slightly... sleaker...'
'Suggested method of attack?'
'Attack it? You stupid!'
'Gun, you got any Frncium left?!'
'No, you havent been near any eposits. Ass.'
They looked back.
It twitched slightly....
'Hey... Frank.. is it me or did its tail move?!'
'No, its you, stop being stupid... now.. wheres the door...'
The plebian walked to the front of it, and peered nto its beaked
mouth. A nanosecond late, he peeked no more and his body stood there
for a second, before it realised what had happend.
'Dang...' mutterd Keats and Dante together as they saw the Headless
body drop.

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