Re: The Severn Pillars of Wonder

He had crumpled the edge of the paper forms he was holding, they werealso damp from sweat. He strode over, orderd himself along 'moonshine' Cider, Petal a Gin and Tonic, Aurora a VodkaMartini, and 'Accidently' overlooked Callum.'Ok, Aurora, sorry to have to break up this little talk, but i havesome basic forms for you to fill out so Security teams wontannihalate you on sight.... well.. so theres *Less* chance of beingshot on sight...'
Aurora nodded again, smiling broadly.
"It's OK. I certainly don't want to be shot. And anyway, Callum wasn't really talking much.." She smirked slightly, and began filling in the papers.
Severn glared at Callum, his pupils soon forming the shape of small slits. Callum frowned and glared back.
Aurora looked up after finishing signing the forms.
"They're... Kinda wet, to be honest..." she said, handing them back to Severn. Severn shrugged, as if to say 'Wasn't me'. He then put them in his pocket and nodded his head.
"Okay, thanks." Severn glanced at the floor for a moment, wondering what he could say so he wouldn't have to leave so soon.
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