In The Swamp

They looked back.
It twitched slightly....
'Hey... Frank... is it me or did its tail move?!'
'No, it's you, stop being stupid... now.. where’s the door...'
The plebeian walked to the front of it, and peered into its beaked
mouth. A nanosecond late, he peeked no more and his body stood there
for a second, before it realised what had happened.
'Dang...' muttered Keats and Dante together as they saw the Headless
body drop.
<End Clip>
Who: Dante, Jack/Keats, Jack?!?
Where: Swamp of Ur’Undies.
When: After the Snip.
Dante moved out from behind the rubble and half slid half flew behind
another. Keats/Jack was about to shout something. It was Dante’s turn to
signal him to be quite. Dante felt something soft and squishy under his
knee. He put a hand down and lifted what looked like a body out from
underneath him. Dante almost dropped the body as a head full of blue hair
appeared from the murky water. Dante signalled for Keats. “Buddy I found his
body, lets give him a proper burial.” Whispered Dante almost in tears.
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