RE: [JMC_Blue_Dwarf] In The Swamp

Dante signalled for Keats. “Buddy I found his
body, lets give him a proper burial.” Whispered Dante almost in tears.
<end snip>
Keats/Jack shuffled over, pulled Jacks body towards him, he leant down over
him, placing 2 fingers on his neck, and leaning down to check for breathing.
As Keats' head moved closer, Jack coughed, a mouthful of swamp water hit
Keats in the face, and Jack sat up, still spluttering Swamp gunge.
"ah man, that stuff is horrible" he managed before he leant to the side and
ejected it from his system.
After he was done, he looked up at Dante and Keats, His eyes filled with
tears before he flung his arms round the both of them.
"god, i thought i was a gonner" he said, tears flowing don his cheeks. "i
owe you both" he added, before looking over keats shoulder to the giant
scorpion which turned to face them, Jack let go of the two and pulled them
down, hoping the metal monster wouldn't see them, somehow, he knew it would,
but it was always worth trying. He could feel the presence of a sword, and
instinctively pulled it from dante and felt the cold steel in his hand, his
face lit up, its normal colour flowing back into it like a very fast
After a few seconds they all got up, and Jack relaced the battery.
"ok, this time, its gonna be over quickly" he said, anger flowing through
him, he got up, smelling of Ur'Undies. He jumped forwards, his Sword
glowing like it should have done last time he fought one of these, The blade
shot straight into its side, crackling with energy as Jack filled the blade
full of his KI energy that he only had because he was on this planet...
P|-|34R D4 1337|\|355, |\|0 R3411Y P|-|34R 17!!
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